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Once upon a December

Posted on Dec 6, 2016 by in My Story & Ideas


To a dear and magical dancing bear (currently injured):

Putting down my thoughts in writing has seldom been a problem, but they turn to dust between my heart and the page when my thoughts turn to you. I wish I could tell you how extraordinary you are in a way that you would believe.

[I have scratched out the next sentence 10 times. That's what you do to me ;-)]

I know you have been hurt in the past and that you feel somehow unworthy. I feel exactly the same. I do not deserve the pedestal you put me on, so take my hand and let us stand on solid ground together, aware of our flaws as well as our beauty, but not swayed by either to deviate from our true cores. We cannot attain to perfection and it is simplistic to say that we can be perfect for each other, but we can naturally complement each other in ways that are powerful and dynamic. We can bend time and space, but only if we close our eyes to illusions and open them to see beyond what the world sees. I cannot express to you how at peace I feel with this moment, where in the past I would be apprehensive, especially when I know you are suffering in many ways at the moment. Que sera, sera. Nothing is pressing us or rushing us in any direction. We have enough time. Even if it is only one more day, I will say adios to this earthly frame abiding in a spirit of peace. May that peace surround you and lift you up, the rivers of this mountain returning to your waves.

With all the rainbow colours of my soul,

Your tigress