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From the earth to the moon

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 by in Inspiration


It never ceases to amaze me how the idea of space travel captures the imagination. We are confronted all around us, every day, by our mortality and the entropy of our world, and everything we love, and the inexorable atrophy that goes hand in hand with our physical existence. Yet the idea of infinity – largess so inconceivable – and the unfathomable vastness around us inspires every sphere of science, invention, exploration, ambition, art and entertainment. It is the perfect metaphor for infinite expansion, personal growth and the journey into the unknown.

From the alchemical traditions of transmutation to the most far-fetched science fiction, the search has not been to understand what as yet defies understanding, nor is it the magic that becomes science as knowledge expands, but instead it stretches itself out to touch the unattainable. To feel our own insignificance made meaningful by our willingness, desire and innate ability to understand and explore something so much bigger than ourselves.

It is the same feeling we get when beyond the borders of what we thought possible, we embrace the truth that there are surprising and magnificent kindred spirits and fantastic circumstances that come to us in the flow of life when we stop resisting it. The opportunities when we let these moments guide us  to a place where we feel larger than ourselves and the confines of limitations imposed by the world and society and a physical existence, while intimately aware that at the same time we are but a thread in a tapestry of each life we tough with kindness, just blows me away! More than that even is the realisation that in some of these tapestries our threads are bright or woven into the fabric underlying every pattern and purpose as there are these bright and shining threads  in our tapestries as well. And finding these threads and meeting them with appreciation, awareness, humility and love is perhaps the most surprising and rewarding moment of all…