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Some days are diamonds

Posted on Apr 1, 2014 by in My Story & Ideas


I nearly said to Jamie this morning, ‘I hope your day turns out to be a diamond rather than a piece of coal.’ I thought about it, reconsidered and changed the message, because, I thought, coal can be used for fuel. Both the days that are diamonds and the ones that are not should push us to greater purity of spirit. We need both.  Just like the glass-blowing process, using impossible heat to destroy one form to create a malleable thing that the glass-blower can shape. We have to press through the furnace to come out renewed on the other side.

Yesterday I read again Judges 4-5 – the story of Deborah. I usually feel pretty empowered when I read it, but yesterday it was pointed out to me how many times she says “Wake up!”… TO HERSELF…

And something inside me started to itch when I heard those words out of the mouth of another. How much have I set my journey back by furiously accepting extra work for a little bit of extra money? How much could I have been learning in those hours I sat chained to my desk? What happened to the balance I am always wishing for others? How much have I lost touch with people I care about because there’s never time?

I felt the stormcloud grow over my head – angry with myself for reasons I can’t define (yet), but also at once sorrowful and thankful for a literal “wake up” call.

We need the lump of coal days and the pressure to turn them into diamonds… to turn ourselves into diamonds. We need the heat of the furnace to turn sand and minerals into glass. And sometimes it pays to remember that if you stop to pat yourself on the back for a moment, you shouldn’t forget to look over your shoulder… ‘Die hoogste bome vang die meeste wind.’