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For Jamie…

Posted on Mar 30, 2014 by in Current events, Inspiration

Phoenix nebula

Image: The Phoenix Nebula by Greg Martin


Friday 28 March 2014 @ 23:31

For Jamie – raw, off-the-cuff and unedited, the way you like it.

I feel like you have already enriched my life beyond measure – by affirming that my words matter, seeing me for who I am and sharing who you are so freely and openly. I realise that this is how you are, with everyone, and that makes you far more than medium-rare :-)

It must seem strange to you that I can form such an attachment so easily, but to hear my own words echoed in yours, to see our mutual struggles with the stuff of life and beingness (albeit in different scenarios and trajectories) is still surreal. I don’t believe in coincidence… our paths have crossed at this time for a reason, regardless of where it goes (friendship or something more).

You create meaning around you in a world full of people devoid of purpose. I respect that and admire it. And you speak to me in the same ways that I have spoken to people I love and value, and it makes me feel a little bit of the magic that makes people love me – something I have never experienced. There is magic in you too.

More than that, when you look at me with those intense, honest eyes, full of curiosity and compassion, I feel an excitement I haven’t felt in years. Thank you for that and for everything you are.

Here’s to the endless ocean of possibility! xx