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Bring me my Thor

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 by in Inspiration, My Story & Ideas


It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, so here’s something I wrote in my notebook on 18 November 2013:


“I LOVED the first Thor movie. It was grandiose and moving… ‘If he is worthy, let him have the power’… what a tour de force of character development, learning from our experiences, sometimes at great cost and through terrible trial. I LOVED the visual, plausible idea of Asgard in space and worlds connected by Iggdrasil (the world tree) and Bifrost (the rainbow bridge)!

Yes, I’m a nerd. I love superhero movies (most of them). The Batman movies of Chris Nolan form one of the most perfect trilogies – completing a story, remembering the journey, growing a character in much the same way as Skyfall did for Bond. I love the Avengers, the Iron Man movies and many of the others are vastly entertaining. They are the kind of movies that make me wish for a lovely home theatre.

But, I digress… Thor took me by surprise. He’s not a Marvel hero I was very familiar with at all when the first movie came out and, while I firmly agree that Chris Hemsworth is an attractive man, it was the character he portrayed and the story they told that absolutely and unequivocally swept me away and stole my heart.

So it was with excitement and a measure of trepidation that I looked forward to the 2nd one – Thor: The Dark World. A new director, and a genre where sequels are often disappointing, made me uncertain… but instead, I was blown away – the grand scale of settings, costumes, the story (again quite plausible) and my man Thor again beautifully portrayed by Hemsworth in a way that makes you (well ok, me) look past his physical beauty even! Thor is a character that will fight for what he believes in, loves deeply and fiercely (his family and his beautiful, Jane Foster) and is willing to take a risk to accomplish his goal (saving the universe no less). I love it! That’s the kind of man I want – the cape and dashing good looks and a voice that arrests the attention are not a deal breaker, but hey, it wouldn’t hurt! ;-)

Really though, in all seriousness… You don’t have to be a superhero or live in movie-land to live your life that way. We all have the ability to choose to be heroes rather than ordinary human beings. I wish more people could be idealistic.  With every evil maniac that history has delivered up with his own brand of psychotic idealism, idealism became a swear word and was chucked out with all the shameful evils sensible people went along with. But, believing in the great driving forces of civilizations rather than instant gratification, how much more can we achieve?! I am reminded again of the book Power vs Force. Perhaps we can’t all get there, to perfect love on the scale of consciousness, but for the effort of mind and for the consciousness we achieve on the way there and the power to do and influence for good as we grow…? Isn’t that worthy?

People say I think too much, but really, the problem is that most people don’t think enough. They are consumed by greed and lust, living like animals, speaking ill of people and filling their mouths and their worlds with negativity. They are so busy listening to all the nonsense around them that they stop listening to their own souls. They fill their minds with drivel and irrelevant nonsense (non-sense!). They talk about others for no reason but to feel good about their own patheticness.

If you truly THINK about the GIFT of LIFE (fleeting as it is, but with a view to the eternity of the soul), your heart and soul will accuse you! Average people stumble blindly, hoarding, rutting like animals and thoughtlessly procreating until they die, complaining, lying, cheating, not growing a mm in consciousness, but ballooning in their own meaningless self-importance. What then is the point of that lifetime of breath wasted?

It makes me sad and angry. I’m not perfect by a long shot, probably won’t ever be, but I will do my damndest to try and get there and I don’t care what it takes along the way. Let it never be said of me that I did what the world and ordinary people expected. I know I can’t be the only one.

So yes, my Thor, wherever you are out there… maybe I’ve met you and you just haven’t realised your potential yet… maybe our paths will cross in the near future, maybe only in the far future, but wherever you are, I’m here. Ever changing. Ever the same.”