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Opposable thumbs

Posted on Oct 12, 2013 by in Current events, Inspiration


We take things for granted so easily. Have you ever tried to brush your teeth or open a tap without using your thumb? I’ve had an object lesson in appreciation this weekend. Yesterday, Saffra and Ariel got into a bit of an argument. I’ve never seen Saffra on the offensive and it’s been at least a year since we’ve had any kind of incident like this. In my efforts to separate them, my right hand got in the way and I was rewarded with a ragged cut on the thumb’s base joint and a deep puncture on its other side. In an instant it was swollen and starting to turn blue. It continued to bleed profusely for hours and it is still very stiff and sore and hard to bend and any kind of pressure or tensing of the muscles you don’t even realise you use to do the littlest things is tremendously painful. Turning a key in a lock? Wow. Who knew how many muscles in your hand are necessary for that? In any event, it’s getting better, but I will henceforth be thankful for my thumbs!


Below are some of my favourite videos from the week gone by… things that brightened a hectic day at work and/or made me ponder as I am wont to ponder… :-)


Something hauntingly beautiful. The animation is simply stunning and the thoughtful message, creating consciousness about our environment and what our rampant consumption is doing to our world and to our bodies, is something I feel strongly about.


Something fun to exercise your mind:


Sometimes animals are more ‘evolved’ than humans…


A wonderful ad to make you think. I heard this advertisement on the radio in the car on my way to work this past week.

It really moved me and made me think about 2 things – what prosperity means to me and how much I love my country… There is a TV version too (similar, but different), you can watch it here:

And yes, I love my country. The anthem always makes me cry. It just resonates with something so deep that transcends our differences, our joys and suffering. I will write on my views on patriotism in the near future, but perhaps you can open your heart to it for a moment. Hear the people sing… Was this once a nation divided? I don’t listen to his music, but Kurt Darren has my deep respect for this rendition of the South African national anthem at a recent rugby match: