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Posted on Sep 13, 2013 by in Current events, Inspiration, My Story & Ideas


Earlier today I posted the following on Facebook:

“I feel today like I understand something new: an evolution of spirit is a bit like immortality (not like a vampire, sheesh, is that all people think of nowadays… think Highlander rather).
You see the people you loved grow old and die around you (figuratively) while you stay eternally youthful, changing as your world changes. And everything you used to value seems so empty and pathetic in the face of eternity.
It makes me incredibly sad, not for who I am now, but for the time wasted. That I might have arrived here so much sooner… could’ve saved myself a world of pain, but maybe that too was necessary.

BUT, I’m wearing my purple heels and really made an effort today and 3 people told me I look fabulous. I feel good and I can enjoy the good things in life even in the knowledge that much of it is totally transient. I know what I know and I know who I am, and I have my pack waiting for me at home with their perfect love and beingness that fills the world forever. What more could I ask for…”

I carried a sense of deep loss with me the whole day, like there were no words to diminish my pain. Couldn’t shake it until I got home to be welcomed by my dogs. That made me even sadder, knowing that a number of friends had recently lost their dogs, some to freak accidents, sudden illness or old age. And so I feel that what I had written warrants further explanation.

Animals are perfect. Even when they act in ways we think are cruel, silly or unacceptable, they are only acting out of a product of their nature. With our pets we add the element of conditioning (which can lead to good or ‘bad’ behaviour) – stimuli which lead to an outcome where most of their ‘flaws’ are things we create ourselves. Nevertheless they are perfect. They cannot wilfully transgress the Creator’s will or grieve God through their conscious choices… and when we do it right and we are able to bond with them so that they love us, something immensely beautiful is created. Like an everlasting balloon it floats around our homes, tethered also to our being wherever we go, and when they pass on that balloon goes out into the expanse of the universe, filling the world with an armful of perfect love.

I feel deeply for my friends who have lost dogs and know that one day my dogs will go over the rainbow bridge too. You can never replace them, only expand your heart the more to welcome another and create yet another balloon of love to fill your life and one day the universe.