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The cost of the Information Age

Posted on May 27, 2013 by in Inspiration, My Story & Ideas


I freely admit that I can be a bit of a sentimental sap sometimes. And hopeful, sometimes to the point of insanity.


So this morning I was thinking again about my favourite fairy tale in the world, ever. That lost and forgotten story I found when I was writing my thesis in 2003 (scary thought that that was 10 years ago!) – The Black Bull of Norroway…


Read the story here: The Black Bull of Norroway 


And the little girl inside me, whose heart is broken every day, can’t help but hope that one day she will have that moment when ‘he heard and he turned to her’. Every hoping that this isn’t all there is, that Romance (with a capital ‘R’) isn’t dead – that it’s not just all about sex and instant gratification anymore – that there’s still devotion, admiration… dare I say it… sacrifice… sincerity… commitment… or maybe that’s the price we paid to live in the information age? Maybe it was worth it then, because a world where the powerful elite have a monopoly on information can never hope to be saved.