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Saving a life

Posted on May 28, 2013 by in Current events, Inspiration, My Story & Ideas


Had an amazing experience today. A dove flew into the house with all the dogs in tow. Instead of crashing into the wall or kitchen (as usually happens and then the dogs are on it in an instant and that’s the end of that), it crash-landed in the bathroom. The dogs immediately tried to get over the baby gate while the bird was flapping around, so I want and closed the door. I wasn’t sure what to do. I calmed myself and pushed open the window, but saw that it wouldn’t be able to just fly out with the burglar bars too close together. It flapped some more and in that moment it felt like we connected. I told it I wanted to help it and it seemed to relax. It stopped flapping and went and sat quietly in the bath.  I took a towel off the hook and gently put it over him and then picked it up, holding it gently through the burglar bars so that it could get safely out.


After a while I wanted to see if it’s ok and through the bedroom window I could see it walking around in the backyard. A few minutes later I went to see if it was still there, worried that it might have been injured, but as I watched it, it walked in a little circle and then hopped up into a tree. Just now I went to look again but it was gone.


It’s been another tearful day and managing to save that dove just gave me such a feeling of being alive. A tremendous feeling.