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A prayer

Posted on May 14, 2011 by in Prayers


Sometimes I fear that my understanding could be limited by my ability to express myself in words, but then I remember that You look upon our hearts and I am comforted. You take cognisance of my thoughts, even the ones I think unconsciously without even realising it, as I process that things that happen to and around me, as I take in news and events of loved ones and the world at large.  As much as I am continually awed by the grandiose nature of your handiwork – that which I can understand and that which is so far beyond me I can but wonder at the pictures of space or complex mathematics and say “wow!” – I am even more astounded by how you have made us… body, spirit and consciousness – with immense potential to be vessels of your glory. Not just by what we say and in our habits, but in every aspect of our daily walk before you. We can live out our devotion in everything, from the way I kiss my dogs or hug someone dear to me to the way I smile at a stranger. Every word and conscious thought process can be a vehicle to glorify you and that is my prayer today: that in everything I do and everything I am, I may shine with your light for all to see; that I may be different in every way.